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Traveling by Hovercraft


The Hovercraft
Touring in Style

Your hovercraft tour will be aboard an Amphibious Marine, Explorer 24 Commercial Hovercraft, which is undeniably the safest and most environmentally friendly hovercraft on the market today. You will sit in a climate-controlled, fully enclosed cabin and because we keep our tour groups small, you will have plenty of room to stretch out. 


If you want to remain warm and cozy while enjoying the untamed Alaskan wilderness, the Explorer 24 hovercraft offers something you simply cannot find on any other tour vessel. Your hovercraft cruises at speeds of 32 miles per hour and leaves virtually no wake. It’s quiet and, unlike other boats, has a braking/pivoting feature that allows us to get into places other vessels only dream of accessing. 

Eco-friendly Travel

Hovercrafts are also one of the most environmentally friendly ways to access and preserve pristine environments like those around South-Central, Alaska.  If conservation is important to you, there is no better option for a tour than our hovercraft tour excursion.


When you stand on the beach, you exert a pressure of around three pounds per square inch, which rises to 25 pounds per square inch as you walk. By way of comparison, the Explorer 24 hovercraft only exerts a pressure of 0.33 pounds per square inch regardless of the craft’s speed, which is less pressure than a seagull standing on one leg!

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hovercraft glides over water
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